Yes, it is safe for pets to travel by air. During the travel, your pet will be travelling in his/her dedicated crate which will be held in a special cargo compartment onboard an aircraft. Such compartment will typically have climate control and will be appropriately pressurised for your pet’s safety and comfort. The transportation process may pose higher risk to elderly pets or pets with medical conditions. Hence, all pets will need to undergo health checks to ensure he/she is fit for travelling before making the trip.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, all pets should not be medically sedated before flying because sedation can cause nausea. Also, the air pressure of high altitude could cause respiratory or cardiovascular problems to a sedated dog, even if the dog is situated in the main cabin along with the other passengers.

On a separate note, we would strongly recommend for the Owner to remain calm throughout the entire relocation process as your pet can feel the stress and anxiety of his/her Human (the Owner). We also recommend for your pet to get accustomed and comfortable with his/her crate prior to the trip. We will usually place your pet’s favourite towel, bedding or the Owner’s t-shirt in the crate during his/her trip. This will provide a familiar scent of home which would greatly help to calm your pet while travelling.

Per respective airline’s requirements, some crates that are sold online or in the pet stores are not suitable for air travel. The key requirements are summarised as followed:

  1. The door of the crate must have a centralised locking system which fastens both the locks at the top and the bottom of the door.
  2. The door hinge and locking pins must engage the crate by at least 1.6cm (5/8 inch) beyond the horizontal extrusions above and below the door opening where the pins are fitted.
  3. The top and bottom chassis of the crate must be joined by bolts. Any other type of locking mechanism is strictly prohibited by the airline.
  4. The four sides of the crate must have ventilation.

The crate must be high and wide enough for your pet to stand up without touching the top and able to turn around easily or lie down in a natural position in the crate. The crate will need to be at least one size bigger if your pet is a snub nose breed. Please refer to our Export page > “Getting the perfect crate for your pet” for the guidance on getting the measurements for the crate.

Yes. We can book your pet’s flight with the airline directly. Majority of the airlines will only accept flight booking 14 work days prior to the departure date.

Yes, some countries and/ or airlines allow an Owner to bring the pet along into the cabin or as excess baggage. We can still assist you with the export documentations for your pet’s travel.

It is not recommended to feed your pet 8 hours before or during the flight. This is to minimize any choking incident, and potty mishaps where pets may have to lie on their puke or poo during the flight time. The space within a pet shipping crate is usually of just the right size to accommodate the pet, so if the pet poo in the crate, there will be lesser clean surface for the pet to lie down. In most instances, pets generally travel more comfortably on an empty stomach. Hence, it is recommended to take away their food bowl 8 hours before their flight time, so they have sufficient time to digest and relieve themselves (i.e., go for a walk) before we fetch and deliver the pet to the airport.

You can provide their favourite towel or light weight bedding to us. We will lay the towel or bedding inside the crate for your pet’s comfort. You should also provide one-day serving of your pet’s favourite dry kibbles in a ziplock bag. We will attach it onto their crate so that in the event of any delay or transit, the kibbles will be fed to your pet during the wait. Lastly, you can provide your pet’s collar and leash, which we will attach onto the crate as well. Please do not send any valuable items which may be misplaced during transit in the airport.

Depending on the country that your pet is travelling to or from, it may require the booking to be made between 14 work days to 3 months before the planned travel date.

After your pet has completed his/her check-in, the pet will remain in the airline’s holding room under the airline’s care. We are not allowed to gain access to your pet at this stage.

During the flight, your pet will be travelling in his/her crate which will be held in a special cargo compartment onboard the aircraft.

If the pet has checked in to the airline, and the flight has been cancelled, the airline will contact us to fetch your pet back and check in again to the next available flight. We will keep you (Owner) updated if there is any flight delay or cancellation. Flight cancellation/ delay is possible as there are other unforeseen and uncontrollable reasons like, the weather or operational issues which the airline deemed it is unsafe to have the pets on a flight.


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