The vaccination will need at least 14 days to take effect. Hence, we only accept pets with valid vaccinations after the waiting period. It is recommended for owners to have the vaccinations done early as most vaccines are good for a year.

As the Owner, you will have to ensure that your pet has appropriate flea and tick treatment that have a validity period which can last the entire duration of the stay. Recommended brands of flea and tick treatment medication are Frontline, Revolution.

We accept check-ins and check-outs from Monday to Sunday (excluding public holidays) between 11am – 3pm. On the eve of a public holiday, it will be between 11am – 1pm.

We recommend owner to bring toys, bed, favourite treats for your pet to keep them comfortable during his/her stay as these items will provide a familiar scent of home.

For dogs, we provide one to two meals of Science Diet, Eukanuba Chicken, Lamb, Fish dry kibbles daily during his/her stay. For Cat, we provide one to two meals of Science Diet Chicken kibbles daily during your cat’s stay. Owner can also pass us your pet’s usual food to avoid any change in diet.

You can let us know the frequency, size of serving per meal and any additional feeding instructions. Our feeding time is at 9am, 1pm and 6pm.

Yes, your dog will be let out twice a day for a duration of 30 minutes each time to play and socialise with other dogs. We can also arrange your dog to be let out alone.

We will be able to provide “walks on leash” service at S$5-S$10 for two walks per day.

We provide complimentary bath for your dog if he/she stays with us for a duration of at least 10 days. We can also arrange grooming service for your dog upon request. Grooming service is chargeable. The rates will be determined by the groomer.

We can arrange grooming for your cat at additional fees. Grooming service is chargeable. The rates will be determined by the groomer.

Yes, one or two-way transportation can be arranged. Two-way transportation starts from S$80. The rates will depend on the collection and drop-off date or time. Higher rates will apply for transportation on a public holiday or during after office hours.


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